Edgebanders with superior features for maximum productivity and perfect finish

The edgebander is decisive for the high quality appearance of your furniture. By concentrating on essentials, HOLZ-HER edgebanders combine compact design with maximum automation.

The heart of any edgebander is the glue application system. This is why HOLZ-HER always offers the perfect solution of every edgebander to ensure superior edge appearance. LTRONIC, the new laser edging unit from HOLZ-HER which is unequaled in terms of speed and cost efficiency or the GluJet application system for mass production use of PUR glue for water resistant applications. Regardless of which high performance system you chose, optically invisible zero joints are a matter of course for HOLZ-HER customers.

Continuous development work on every edgebander guarantees our customers maximum process reliability and maximises their competitive ability. You can also profit from 50 years of HOLZ-HER technological leadership in edgebanding.

HOLZ-HER edgebanders produce a perfect invisible joint

Designed for highest requirements in terms of quality and flexibility. The LUMINA edgbander series stands for complete processing of modern edging and panel materials. The LUMINA series offers a unique combination of two systems for the perfect invisible joint:

LTRONIC, the new laser edging unit of HOLZ-HER, unbeatable in speed and cost efficiency. 

The GLU JET glue application system for the standard use of PUR glue available as standard feature on all HOLZHER edgebanders

Edgebander LUMINA series - the new standard for every woodworking shop

In addition to our Ltronic and Glu Jet our LUMINA edgebander series offers everything required for a professional edgebander. Up to 25 NC servo-axes for maximum automation of all processes with exact repetition at the touch of a button. Even the pressure and glue quantity settings can be made fully automatically and adapted to the specific requirement. Top belt pressure with feed rate of 25 m/min is your guarantee for absolute quality and flexibility. The LUMINA series is your guarantee for absolute quality, flexibility and productivity.

Edgebander LUMINA 1380

The LUMINA 1380 is equipped with a change unit with LTronic and GluJet, as well as a complete post-processing area. The machine can work with a feed rate up to 18 m/min.

Edgebander LUMINA 1588

The LUMINA 1588 has a glue-changing unit. Here you can also choose between the Glu Jet and Glu Jet XL. The machine can work with a feed rate up to 25 m/min.

Detailed Info LUMINA Series